Finding the Best Comprehensive Healthcare Options for Seniors

In days gone by, if your parent became ill they traveled the traditional route from hospital to hospice or nursing home. The patient and his or her family played a passive role while a hospital doctor, who spent sometimes only minutes with a patient, made the all important decisions of what treatment the person will receive and where they will go to receive it. New options are available for innovative senior care in the Richmond, V.A. area like JenCare Richmond, a privately owned primary and specialty care center that delivers personalized, highly skilled medical services that are patient centered and family friendly.

As JenCare Richmond is a family owned company, they understand how important it is for the patient and the patient’s family to feel empowered to explore options, like home care vs. facility care. By limiting the number of patients they treat, JenCare delivers personalized primary senior citizen care, and has access to the highest trained professionals in elderly care specialties such as:

  • Cardiology
  • Neurology
  • Radiology
  • Urology
  • Infectious Disease Care
  • Behavioral Health
  • Surgical Specialists
  • Dermatology
  • Oncology
  • Other Highly Trained Specialists

Using a neighborhood comprehensive health care facility ensures your loved one will receive highly skilled, patient centered care under one roof, instead of wasting precious time traveling to various offices that are usually overbooked and understaffed. Many seniors on Medicare try to avoid the hassle of finding a doctor so they tend to wait until their condition reaches critical status and go a hospital emergency room only to be given a cursory examination or end up with a lengthy hospital stay that could have been avoided if they had a regular team of health care providers on their side.

Be a smart advocate by asking your loved one if he or she feels like their concerns are addressed by their current primary care doctor and if they feel like the care they receive is patient centered. How far do they have to travel to a specialist? Find out if hospital or hospice care is the only avenue of advanced treatment if a health crisis occurs and who will coordinate their care.

If you live in the Richmond area, primary care and specialist services at JenCare are available for state of the art senior health care.

Why Is The Wharton Executive Important?

The Wharton School is one of the finest business schools in the world, and their new program talks about the impact that Wharton has on its graduates. All schools are supposed to leave a mark on their students, and the Wharton impact is undeniable in the world of business today. The Wharton School offers so many programs that students will never lack for variety, and the programs offered by the school create an education that reaches the whole person.

What Does Wharton Do?

The Wharton School trains its students to think for themselves, but not student is forced to think the way professors do. The students at the Wharton School can go into any education track they want, and each student is going to walk away from the school with a completely different mindset. The Wharton School wants students to think outside the box, and the school offers a chance for students to consider what it would be like to change the world around them.

What Do The Professors Do?

Professors at the Wharton School use their positions to teach students about the basics of the business world. The business community respects students who have gone to the Wharton School, and the professors support their students in all their endeavors. There are people who are very new to the business world, and a connection to a Wharton professor will help people get the jobs that they need for their future security. There are professors on campus who work in the business world currently, and there are professors at the school who will help students find their way into academia. Notable faculty includes Jim Austin, Dennis Carey, and David Bell among others.

Wharton does not have a specific focus because they know that the focus of the school should be an education. Educating people is the only mission at the Wharton School, and every student has a home on campus that they could not possibly get anywhere else. The Ivy League is perceived as stuffy by people who do not go to Ivy League schools, but the University of Pennsylvania is the most familial of all the Ivy League schools.

Students who come to the Wharton School to change their lives are going to see a difference when they graduate. The Wharton School is going to help you get the best education possible, and the Wharton School allows professors to support their students in ways that other schools simply will not. The Wharton impact is a life changed.

Five Well-Known Dermatologists in New York

Oh, no! Severe problems with your skin can make you want to stay hidden. Fortunately, New York City is the best place to seek help for your dermatology needs. Most treatment plans resolve your blemishes fast. Don’t worry, there is the right dermatologist for your skin difficulties. Consider Herb Allen, MD a well-known dermatologists in New York.

Dr. Chapas was recognized in ELLE magazine as one of the 13 “beauty geniuses.” She specializes in resurfacing and tighten skin with the use of lasers and energy devices. Also, she was recognized for body shaping tune-ups below the neck. Dr. Chapas uses state-of-the-art methods and equipment. Also, she specializes in Botox and fillers. As the Founder and Medical Director of a state-of-the-art center, Dr. Chapas is certified by the American Board of Dermatology.

Dr. Lisa Airan specializes in cosmetic dermatology. Patients looking for aesthetic dermatology seek out her service for Botox, fillers and laser hair removal. Dr. Airan is well known for using lasers to decrease scars, sun damage and blood vessels. She values patients’ privacy working with numerous high profile clients. Dr. Airan has been featured in the following magazines: Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, The New York Times Magazine and many more.

Dr. David Kriegel is a surgeon recognized nationwide for his work in Mohs skin cancer, laser surgery and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Kriegel’s experience in Mohs micrographic and laser surgery dates back to 1994. As an authority on Mohs surgery, skin cancer and dermatology surgery, Dr. Kriegel has published many articles and book chapters. Dr. Kriegel’s expertise has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Readers Digest and Redbook.

Dr. Patricia Wexler is a pioneer in the field of dermatological surgery. She has been featured in “Best Doctor.” Dr. Wexler has served over 15,000 patients. As one of the first dermatologist to use Botox, she is a specialist in tumescent liposuction, fillers, fat transplantation, lasers and sculpting. Dr. Wexler has worked with high profile clients in the fashion and music industry. Dr. Wexler was awarded Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Howard Sobel has 30 years in the field of dermatology. His specialties are progressive face and body; and cosmetic surgery. As a pioneer in combining full service day spa and surgical centers, Dr. Sobel provides treatments in a relaxing atmosphere. Dr. Sobel has been recognized in the Castle Connolly Guide and New York Magazine.

Getting Healthy in No Time

20-4_0A healthy person is one that has a healthy spirit and a healthy body. To achieve all this, you need to actually do something, as time does not forgive anyone. As time passes, the cells in your body tend to get old and die, and your body doesn’t always replace them.

To prevent an early aging and to help your body stay fit for a longer period of time, there are some tricks that you can do. Here it is:


Change A Little

You don’t have to make very big changes in your lifestyle to be healthier, but you can start out with something little, and soon you’ll see the benefits. You can introduce more vegetables into your diet – something that you like, like carrots for example, that you can have as snacks or you can buy a puppy and you’ll see how this changes your life.

Pull Your Toes

This is not a joke, as this is recommended by doctors and trainers. Lie down on your back, get your feet up and grab the toes with your hands. It may seem a little bit harder when you first do this, but you’ll get used to it very soon. This is a move that will help you improve your blood flow in your feet. It’s known that after a whole day spent in shoes, your feet can be cramped. It will make wonders for your feet, as the circulation will flow naturally, and the nerves and muscles will relax, removing the potential pain in your back, hips or knees.

Keep the Linens Clean


ICH-icons-RGBYou’ve heard specialists talking about mites for sure. The place where they like to stay is the bed, and this can cause severe allergies. To prevent this from happening, and to make sure you remain healthy, wash your linens every week. Change the sheets and the pillowcases, and wash them with very hot water. This will kill any bacteria or mite that hides there.

When You Fly

Whenever you travel by plane, use the air vent that it’s positioned above your seat. There comes down filtered air and it will help you keep away any bacteria or germs that run freely in the airplane environment. It’s a small barrier, but it is one, and it proves to be efficient, allowing you to breathe clean air.

Move A Little

You’ve heard about jumping jacks, right? Make 25 of those every day. Even if it is for a brief period of time, it will improve your blood flow and your breathing. With every jump you make, your level of stress will decrease and soon you’ll experience a change in your mood, for the better.

Keep It Silent

There are some people who say that your bedroom should be free of any electrical device, for a sound sleep. It’s also true that if you keep your phone on ringing and you set it right on your nightstand, you’ll hear whenever a mail gets in, or a message, or a notification. Keep your phone silent at night, this way you’ll sleep without being disturbed and you’ll really feel revived in the morning.

Down The Noise

It’s improperly to call it noise, but it can be viewed so when you are listening to music in an extremely high volume. After some decibels, your brain will still perceive the music, but it will be annoying, at least. Your ear was designed so that the optimal level is around 60 decibels, so use your headphones with this level.

Relax and Sleep

It’s a common fact that people who are stressed will have a bad sleep. Try to relax before falling asleep – breath in and out, let your mind relax, don’t think about what you’ll do tomorrow and enjoy the comfort of your bed. It’s not easy to start, but you’ll get used to it after a few times. This will allow you to get your 8 hours of sleep without worrying and thinking about different things. Relaxing is of utmost importance for a proper rest.

Set up a meeting with us at Pathway SDG and we’ll help you find your own pathway to a healthy lifestyle!