The Best Places To Work In Virginia that are Military Friendly

The state of Virginia is known for its military bases and military focused infrastructure. It is the home of the largest naval base in the world in Norfolk and then the the Washington, D.C. suburbs has the largest concentration of military members in the United States. Virginia businesses are also known for being very friendly to those who served in the military. There are plenty of employers who have open arms for those who have served their country.

The following is a look at some of the best places to work in Virginia that are friendly to the military.

nfcu great place to workNavy Federal Credit Union has a strong presence in Virginia and is especially military friendly to both their employees and customers alike. The name itself shows that military personnel in their ranks is a commonality. While it is the Naval focused Credit Union, they employ members of all the military branches. Navy Federal Credit Union looks for positive and enthusiastic team members who want to work for a mission-based organization devoted to serving our military members and their families.
-Based in Vienna, VA



ADS, Inc. is a business that is highly favored by its employees and is certainly known to be friendly to the military. It is based in Virginia Beach whichads inc. great place to work is home to several military bases being in the Hampton Roads area. The company donates to several military causes and they go out of their way to make sure that if any ex or current military personnel want to join their team that they get seriously considered. They also created Mission Give Back, which shows their support of the military by offering veteran employment and training, military and first responder family support and wounded warrior assistance.
-Based in Virginia Beach, VA



CarMax is based in the capital city of Richmond and is known as the largest retailer of used cars in the United States. The company takes pride in being able to offer and afford community support and career opportunities to the military and their families. Nearly ten percent of all CarMax hires are veterans and military spouses! Carmax finds that members of the military embody the values of the business like: integrity, teamwork, commitment to putting people first, and always doing the right thing. CarMax shares these qualities —they’re the bedrock of our business. They have also teamed up with organizations like “Hiring Our Heroes” to connect veterans with careers at CarMax.
-Based in Richmond, VA

Lastly, is Audi of America which is based in the D.C. suburb city of Herndon. This company goes out of their way to hire military members. The reason that they do this is because they want people who pay attention to detail and are used to working in a fast paced and challenging environment. Audi of America want results and they believe they can get that when they are able to hire current or ex military members.
-Based in Herndon, Va

Demand for Health Insurance Rises as ACA Deadline Nears

More than one million people signed up last week for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, pushing the total in the federal marketplace to nearly 4.7 million, the Trump administration said Wednesday, days before the annual enrollment period is scheduled to end.

The number of sign-ups on from Nov. 1 through Saturday was about 17 percent higher than the same time last year. But the final tally is likely to fall short of the 9.2 million who were in plans at the end of the last open enrollment period, which was twice as long as the current one.

Insurance counselors around the country, who help consumers enroll, said they had seen a surge of activity despite sharp increases in premiums, a smaller selection of health plans and confusion about the future of the Affordable Care Act after a year in which Republicans have repeatedly tried to dismantle the law.

About 1.4 million new customers have signed up this year, and 3.3 million people returned to to select the same plan or a different one for 2018.

People who have coverage this year and take no action may have their coverage automatically renewed. If their plan is no longer available, the government may assign them to another health plan offered by the same company or a different insurer, and that could significantly increase overall enrollment.

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Source: NYTimes

The Great Employees of AbilityOne

The Great Employees of AbilityOne

The AbilityOne initiative formerly known as JWOD offers employment opportunities for individuals who are blind and affected by other disabilities. The program delivers market priced services and products to professional contract management and government that helps to eliminate inconveniences and to saves time. The program helps the government to meet its procurement requirements particularly in:

    Custodial services
    Administrative services
    Food services
    Facility management services
    And much more

AbilityOne controls a national network of close to six hundred nonprofit organizations that employ directly and indirectly more than 40,000 people with disabilities. These organizations supervise and train AbilityOne employees to ensure quality services while eliminating administrative and managerial burdens. AbilityOne can assist federal agencies to fulfill their responsibilities-from green initiative to priority source requirements- while at the same time providing many real jobs to people and increased independence.
AbilityOne believes that disability is not inability. The disabled people are viewed differently in the society, and they tend to miss out on many opportunities that are available to other people. They also suffer from discrimination from the societies which leaves them isolated. AbilityOne has is an organization that fights for the people with disability and most importantly empowering them through training so that they can have skills that can help serve in different capacities.

The great employees of AbilityOne have also demonstrated to the society that inability is not an inability. AbilityOne employees have been ranked as the most trustworthy members of staff working in different areas especially in government departments. They have great enthusiasm for work and deliver despite their disabilities. Many of the employees have received awards by working tirelessly in their areas of expertise.

Source America is another association that works closely with AbilityOne. The organization was created in 1974 to implement and support the federal AbilityOne program. Therefore Source America identifies programs and job opportunities that can be undertaken by AbilityOne employees in different departments of the federal government. AbilityOne success can be attributed to Source America as they guide other organizations interested in procuring from AbilityOne. Source America also deals with any issues that arise from AbilityOne procurement process and ensure that all disputes are settled. Today, AbilityOne has given a second chance to many disabled people who did not have any empowerment in the society.


Physicians Against Drug Shortages Versus GPO’s

For over ten years, groups such as “Physicians Against Drug Shortages,” have accused the medical industry of causing several medical crises. Phillip Zweig, the Executive Director of this group has led the charges against group purchasing organizations (GPO) with inflammatory accusations. The latest charge being leveled at the GPO’s is that they are responsible for the medical shortage. Zweig has not followed up with any pertinent evidence but has practiced in such half-truths or completely false statements as:

• Contract practices of the GPO have discouraged and made unprofitable for manufacturers of sterile injectable prescription drugs.
• GPO’s use a vague law to engage in market manipulation, accept kickbacks and encourage anticompetitive contracts.
• GPO’s are the primary cause of the shortage of prescription drugs.

• Contracts with the GPO are voluntary; they are products of market negotiations. Companies can cancel contracts at any time. Manufacturers are sensitive to the market reaction and often adjust prices accordingly.
• GPO’s do not take possession of, compound or sell any prescription drugs that are in shortage.
• GPO’s have been inspected and regulated by Government Accountability Office, Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission, among other groups.
• All outside of the industry studies and research have shown that GPO’s save billions in the cost of healthcare each year to the delivery systems. These studies are independent and well documented.
• It is not in the best economic interest for GPO’s to prevent or restrict manufacturers to deliver the product. This is counter-intuitive to the mission of GPO’s.
• The goal of the GPO is to ensure that there are more suppliers and delivery to meet the needs of the healthcare system.

There also seems to be some misunderstanding about Mr. Zweig and his organization
• Physicians Against Drug Shortages is an independent grassroots organization with no conflicts of interest
• This group has no ulterior motive for attacking GPO’s
• This group consists of a small group of individuals who have no experience or education in the field of supply chain management.
• Trial attorneys and the medical device industry have used the Director, Phillip Zweig, for a decade-long attack against the GPO. Zweig has gone so far as to accuse the GPO of being responsible for the increase in AIDs exposure and the murder of two of his associate attorneys.
• If you search the internet for the Physician Against Drug Shortages website-you will find it located under the umbrella of a plaintiff law firm known for suing the GPO. This certainly indicates a conflict of interest.
• Many academics who have published work to support GPO’s have been harassed by Mr. Zweig, in an effort to have them change their opinion.
• Despite many attempts to attract other healthcare providers or organizations, Mr. Zweig’s group remains small and unimpressive.

Once you have taken an unbiased look at the true facts, it is easy to surmise that the GPO is not responsible for the drug shortage nor any of the other medical crisis real or imagined by Phillip Zweig.

Defense Contractors Leading in Energy Efficiency

Climate change poses a serious threat in our world today. Scientists argue that if the current trend continues, the world would experience a rise in sea levels, and climate disturbances will be worse in the future. Because of the risks that climate change poses against the planet, humanity have started using green energy, in order to reduce the emission rates. The United States military is one of the largest consumers of energy in the United States, and they too, have an impact on the speeding process of climate change. Because of the impact that they are leaving, the officials at the United States Military have decided to shift to renewable energy in order to give their part in saving the planet.

From using oil based energy, the United States Military is slowly shifting into using renewable energy in order to move their assets forward. They have started to use solar panels and installed it on some of their bases. Solar panels generate renewable energy by taking in the heat of the sun, and processing it in a special panel in order to generate electricity. These panels have a lot of benefit, especially if the station is located in the middle of nowhere where electricity is scarce. By the use of the sun’s power, a moderate amount of energy can be produced, and the energy created does not leave any trail of emission. The United States Military is also using wind turbines to gain electricity. Wind turbines generate energy from the force and power of the wind. The energy created will depend on how strong the wind is. Another form of renewable energy would be hydro power, which generates energy via the force that water bodies are creating; and then there’s the geothermal power which comes from the steam underneath the Earth’s surface. The United States Military has also been investing in electrical vehicles and weapons, in order to lessen the emission levels. The United States Military is serious in their campaign to go green, and they are assuring the public that they are also concerned about climate change, and will do their part to prevent it from totally destroying the planet.

The United States Military has been in partnership with several firms which promotes the use of renewable energy. One of them is ADS, or Atlantic Diving Supply. They have been partnering with the United States Military for almost 20 years, supplying some environment friendly equipment to advance their capability and combat climate change.

Cleveland Clinic Brings Innovation and Quality Health Care to the UAE

The UAE and Cleveland Clinic have established a very workable relationship in providing an excellent health care system for local residents in the UAE. Since its opening in 2015 the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi (read more) has almost tripled its capacity and in 2016 alone, the facility handled over 337,000 patients. Also by year end 2016, over 249 physicians, all with European or United States certification, have treated patients in the facility in Abu Dhabi.

The facility is made up of 13 institutes that are designed to place patients at the head of the priority list so that the immediate healthcare needs of the region are addressed. There are over 30 surgical and medical specialties that are included and which are offered to patients.

As the result of a 2006 agreement between Cleveland Clinic, located in the United States and the Mubadala Investment Company the facility was established in 2015. This has come about because of the government of Aby Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030 which has as its goal the establishment of a workable and dynamic healthcare system in the Emirate.

The facility employs over 2,900 trained medical employees and has acquired 250 beds thus far, well on its way to the stated goal of 364 beds by the end of 2017. The goal, according to Waleed Al Mokarrab Al Muhairi, the objective of the effort is to make good on the commitment to the people in the UAE to deliver patient-centered and compassionate care of the utmost high quality.

Another big step that has taken place, thanks to the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is the fact that physicians will now be able to conduct organ transplants locally rather than patients having to go abroad for such procedures. In 2016 a law was passed by the President of the UAE which allowed such transplantation to take place, whereas before it was illegal.

When the law was passed and when it took effect, many residents gave a collective sigh of relief that such a service would now be available. The primary focal point at the beginning of the transplant move will be for kidney, liver, heart organs and bone marrow transplants. It is common sense and clinically proven that patients have better outcomes when such procedures are performed at home.

The Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi has gotten off to a resounding and robust beginning and it is obvious that the institution has been received on very good terms with the local medical community and the general public at large. The results speak for themselves and everyone is looking forward to more of the same.


Organizations that help in Niger

How Do Relief Agencies Help Niger?
There are many different relief agencies that operate in Niger, and they are there to help with hunger, clean water and the impact of the Boko Harem kidnappings. Someone who wishes to help may join these agencies at any time, and they will find that the agencies give a number of opportunities for the public to contribute where Niger is suffering. This article explains how these four agencies do their work, and it shows that they have a focus on their mission that is life-changing.

#1: Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger has come to Niger to ensure that they may feed as many people as possible. The charity has sent many people to Niger to offer relief, and they are quite focused on giving the people of Niger services that they cannot live without. Niger is struggling in the midst of starvation and famine, and this agency sends food and resources to places that are hit the hardest.

#2: knows how to help refugees, and they have come to Niger to ensure that anyone without a home has the help they need. The nonprofit knows how to help people who are fleeing their homeland, and they are hoping to reach people in Niger and realize their dreams in a new nation.

#3: Save The Children

Save The Children has been around for quite some time, and they are coming to Niger to ensure that they may help starving and homeless children. The charity wishes to save families who are struggling to feed their children, and they hope to reach families in the rural parts of the nation who need the most assistance.

#4: Islamic Relief USA

The Islamic Relief USA is one of the largest benevolent organizations in the world, and they have ensured that their money goes to helping people. Islamic Relief does quite a lot of work to help people who are and are not Muslim. They know that the Muslim population in this country is high, and they believe that the country may be helped with workers, money and resources.

Food, clothing and shelter are brought in by many relief organizations such as these, and they are serving the people of Niger who are desperate for aid and care. It is too difficult for these people to help themselves, and Niger will begin to rebuild itself after Boko Harem and the most-recent loss of food supplies.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi on Managing Food Allergies Safely

For some, being diagnosed with food allergies can be a limiting experience, but with the right management techniques, there is no reason why they should stop you from living your life freely and happily. Some of the most common allergies include peanuts and other nuts, shellfish, and wheat.

While many people associate food allergies with children, around 35 percent of adults are diagnosed after age 18. No matter what the age, those with food allergies need to stay vigilant and take appropriate steps to manage their allergy. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi ( recently shared some of their most important tips and precautions when it comes to managing food allergies.

Allergy Management and Safety Tips
While shopping at the grocery store for weekly meals, you will want to make sure that you read all the labels on your food before you buy it. Many of the most common allergens will be listed right on the packaging. By reading ahead, you can avoid unwanted surprises. The same goes for eating with friends or family. If you know you may have a hard time finding something safe to eat, go ahead and volunteer to bring something along to share, and that way you will know you can eat safely when you arrive.

As you cook, you need to keep your space allergen free. At home, keep the foods separated so there is no cross-contamination, and make sure that the same rule extends to plates, utensils, and cookware.

Dining Out with Care
When dining out, make sure you call ahead to see which dishes are going to be allergen free and talk to your waiter before ordering so the chain of communication is clear. The same rules about cross-contamination apply to restaurants, so expressing your needs is essential in order to avoid being sick.

What to do When a Reaction Occurs
If all else fails and you feel an allergic reaction going on, the first line of defense is to use an approved prescription medication, like epinephrine, to reduce and control the symptoms. Many allergies can trigger anaphylaxis shock, and the medication can make a crucial difference. If you know you are at risk, always carry your prescription medication with you. See more tips at

Having a special allergen ID can also be a simple yet lifesaving measure if you are at risk for severe food allergies. Put them on your person or if your child has the allergies, keep it with them while at school or play so people will know immediately what to do and how to help. Your doctor can advise you with what to say on the ID.

Making sense of drug shortages

More than 7 billion people call the planet Earth home. Each of these humans have, or can benefit from amazing advancements in medical science. One of the most beneficial types of advancements is the ever-evolving diversity of prescription medications. These medications treat everything from the flu, to a host of horrible diseases.

At times, there are notable shortages in the availability of certain drugs. This affects the ability of pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and community health organizations to distribute certain drugs consistently. Whenever a shortage occurs, there is an immediate response to place blame on a particular organization. The first type of organization to incur undue blame is the GPO.

A significant percentage of modern drugs are produced in laboratory facilities. These facilities must adhere to strict governmental and trade standards that do not always match the pace of human need. When a drug shortage happens, it can be caused by any number of triggers.

First on the list is batching. This is especially pertinent when it comes to drugs that are meant to combat viruses. Many times, there are only a few designated producers of patent-compliant drugs available that have the job of distribution. Though these producers work at maximum efficiency, their output does not match need. This is a natural and practical reason for some drug shortages.

Another reason for drug shortages resides in the legal arena. Court orders issued by judges with a penchant for interference in the world of medical manufacturing can create a blockade for drugs that are ready to go to market. These are not necessarily orders that are outcomes of lawsuits, but rest solely on the whim of activist judges who interfere with common market behaviors.

The most misguided believe in the cause of drug shortages is the work of GPOs. Many people believe that group purchasing organizations create scarcity in the prescription drug market. This is statistically untrue, and groups like Physicians Against Drug Shortages led by Phillip Zweig have falsely accused GPOs of such. The vast majority of GPOs purchase supplies of drugs that are already marked for distribution. This means the drugs are immediately distributed where they are needed most. GPOs also regularly recycle huge orders for patented drugs if their buyers do not come through. This means the supply of certain drugs remain fluid on the market, and can be distributed without any form of perceived monopolization.

GPO inclusion in the prescription drug industry is extremely important because it guarantees that drugs will be available in the most highly populated networks. No statistical evidence has proved that GPO involvement in the drug industry has ever created a shortage in a popular and effective medication type.

Scholar, Scientist, Physician, Public Servant

Margaret A. Hamburg is a graduate of Radcliff College and received a medical degree from Harvard Medical School. Her research was in neuroscience at Rockefeller University in New York, and she studied neuropharmacology at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

Dr. Hamburg was raised by prominent physicians. Her friends were related to the medical profession. Her expertise is in community health. She is also an expert in a field not usually associated with the medical profession in the areas of biodefense, and preparedness for nuclear, biological, and chemical threats.

Because of Dr. Hamburg’s expertise in appreciating the danger of these threats, she supported a foundation devoted to public safety, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, which appointed her as the vice president for biological programs.

Dr. Hamburg has focused on AIDS research, serving as the assistant director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), from 1989 to 1990. Further, she has been associated with the U.S. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

From 1991 to 1997, Dr. Hamburg served as health commissioner for New York City. She developed cutting-edge programs for containing the proliferation of tuberculosis and AIDS. The TB rate fell by 86 percent for the most resistant strains.

In 1997, she was appointed by President Clinton to be assistant secretary for policy and evaluation at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In 2009, President Obama appointed Dr. Hamburg as the commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Dr. Hamburg is a member of the board of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. She has been heralded to have a wealth of experience in science, health care, and regulatory affairs.

The Parker Institute has forged a collaborative relationship with outstanding scientists, clinicians, and industry. The Parker Institute coordinates the cancer immunotherapy research effort. Its primary goal is the advancement of the understanding of immune therapies capable of curing cancer.

As a board member of the Parker Institute, Dr. Hamburg, in 2015, was appointed the foreign secretary of the National Academy of Medicine (NAM). Dr. Margaret Hamburg has now been named as the president-elect for the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Her term will begin in February 2017.

On top of all this dedication to public service, Margaret Hamburg’s most precious accomplishment is a mother of two children, while she gave birth while employed as New York City Health Commissioner.