Defense Contractors Leading in Energy Efficiency

Climate change poses a serious threat in our world today. Scientists argue that if the current trend continues, the world would experience a rise in sea levels, and climate disturbances will be worse in the future. Because of the risks that climate change poses against the planet, humanity have started using green energy, in order to reduce the emission rates. The United States military is one of the largest consumers of energy in the United States, and they too, have an impact on the speeding process of climate change. Because of the impact that they are leaving, the officials at the United States Military have decided to shift to renewable energy in order to give their part in saving the planet.

From using oil based energy, the United States Military is slowly shifting into using renewable energy in order to move their assets forward. They have started to use solar panels and installed it on some of their bases. Solar panels generate renewable energy by taking in the heat of the sun, and processing it in a special panel in order to generate electricity. These panels have a lot of benefit, especially if the station is located in the middle of nowhere where electricity is scarce. By the use of the sun’s power, a moderate amount of energy can be produced, and the energy created does not leave any trail of emission. The United States Military is also using wind turbines to gain electricity. Wind turbines generate energy from the force and power of the wind. The energy created will depend on how strong the wind is. Another form of renewable energy would be hydro power, which generates energy via the force that water bodies are creating; and then there’s the geothermal power which comes from the steam underneath the Earth’s surface. The United States Military has also been investing in electrical vehicles and weapons, in order to lessen the emission levels. The United States Military is serious in their campaign to go green, and they are assuring the public that they are also concerned about climate change, and will do their part to prevent it from totally destroying the planet.

The United States Military has been in partnership with several firms which promotes the use of renewable energy. One of them is ADS, or Atlantic Diving Supply. They have been partnering with the United States Military for almost 20 years, supplying some environment friendly equipment to advance their capability and combat climate change.

New Blood Flow Promoting Gel Mask Released in Japan

Mannatech, Incorporated (, a high tech, innovative company that makes it their business to develop health, fitness, skin care and weight loss products with the help of their extensive knowledge in nutritional science. They also work to help improve and promote childhood nutrition which is so important in this modern world.

You can find Mannatech’s different health products around the globe from the United States and Canada, also South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Other countries include Austria, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. A few more are the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Finland, Estonia, and the Republic of Ireland, the Czech Republic, and the Republic of Korea. Then there is Mexico, Spain, Namibia, and Hong Kong. Only using state of the art technology they continue to amaze the market with new products.

Good health, being in shape and having pretty young looking skin is more and more in demand these days. On top of this trend, Mannatech recently released a “Gel Mask”. This high tech mask uses a highly concentrated CO2 gas to help adapt to the skin thus also helping to reduce the signs of aging. This new technology is only available in Japan at this time. It can be applied to the face and neck to help support cell revival, making you look younger with shiny moisturized healthy skin. It also promotes blood flow which is another key factor in good skin care.

Mannatech is a multinational multi-level marketing firm engaging in research, development and distribution of glyconutrients. Mannatech Incorporated was founded in November of 1993 by Samuel L. Caster. It is presently operating in 24 countries and employs 310 people full time with over 229,000 active dependent sales associates around the world.

You may be interested in purchasing these top of the notch products for you own use and for your family, but you could take it a step further and become part of the worldwide sales force that is getting out the word and making money while benefitting thousands with good healthy options. So one way or the other Mannatech is an interesting company that could be a good thing for you as a consumer or salesperson. We don’t believe you will be disappointed!

CEO candidates and physical health

To be clear, a CEO’s work is all-inclusive and comprehensive. In addition, the average CEO regularly engages in the following: setting strategy and direction, modeling and setting the company’s culture, building and leading the senior executive team and allocating capital to the company’s priorities. It is the CEO’s responsibility to perform these duties well and do them in a timely manner.

Because these duties are often stressful and time-consuming, it is important that he or she pass a physical exam. There are some health professionals who define a physical as an examination that determines a person’s state of health. In most cases, an annual physical exam includes getting general information of a person’s health history, followed by a top to bottom exam that usually takes 30 minutes.

Some business professionals are concerned about the ethical issues of requiring CEO candidates to submit to exams in advance of being hired. However, some investors argue that they have a right to know about anything that could adversely affect the performance of someone who would be running their company.

Keep in mind; there are several solid reasons why a CEO candidate should be required to take a physical exam prior to being hired such as giving a doctor an opportunity to establish baseline information that can be used for comparison purposes in the future. Another reason is to provide preventative services for the potential candidate. For anyone to maintain good health, health screenings and services should be given according to the age and gender of the person.

In order to maintain good health, you need the right mix of health screenings and services that correspond to your age and gender. Most importantly, a physical exam can help a person choose healthy lifestyle choices. And, during the examination, the doctor can offer effective resources to help a person make healthy eating and exercise choices, especially if the potential candidate is overweight and does not engage in regular exercise. Still another reason is to review a candidate’s disease risk and review the candidate’s family history of diseases. Cancer, diabetes and mental health issues are other areas that an exam would cover.

Reviewing a person’s vaccinations is another area that should be discussed during the exam. The exam would give information to the doctor, allowing him or her to track the CEO’s vaccination record.

To conclude, potential CEO candidates should take a physical exam before being hired. It is beneficial not only for the company wanting to hire him or her but also for the candidate. Recruiters like Dennis Carey of Korn/Ferry ( have commented on the fact that companies invest so heavily into recruiting a new CEO, that it’s important to have an idea of what commitment that candidate can make. With the many stressful duties that a CEO performs, it just makes sense for them to have a physical exam.

Premiere Skin Care Companies in the South

Skin care is something that has been a concern of the human race for centuries. If you cared about your appearance then you were trying to find something to obtain your ideal. The number of skin related products is enormous and growing. From acne treating to anti-aging, there’s a product for almost anything.

Mannatech’s headquarters are located right outside of Dallas, Texas. The company strives to provide nutrition around the world with its health and wellness offerings. The products offered by Mannatech ( include health, weight, and skin care related. Over the years, Mannatech has invested heavily in research and product development to ensure the quality and effectiveness of its products. Their core products, among others, are certified by NSF International. NSF International is an independent organization that certifies products and is devoted to making sure products are safe for consumers in over 100 countries.

Mary Kay
Mary Kay is a privately owned American company. It was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash. The headquarters is located in Addison, Texas which is just outside of Dallas. The founder made the company with the help of her son Richard Rogers and her life savings. The company is a seller of cosmetics. It utilizes their sellers or as called by them, beauty consultants. The Mary Kay site says that you can “Make your own hours” and “Be your own boss”. The company offers things such as skin protection to makeup.

In 1977, Theraderm ( was founded by founder and CEO James Beckman, M.D. in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Beckman wanted “solutions for restoring full function and mobility to skin-grafted hands” as said by the company’s website. Dr. Beckman cream development came after treating burn patients. The brand specializes in clinical skin care. Clinical skin care examples being things for skin allergies and sun exposure.

Burt’s Bees
Located in Durham, North Carolina, Burt’s Bees is making head way in the new trend of natural and earth friendly products, which is also how the company proudly describes itself. Burt’s Bees got its start as partnership of candle making between Burt Shavitz and Roaxanne Quimby. It didn’t become a corporation until 1991. The company offers lip care, face care, and even specialized things for baby. The company doesn’t stop at just making earth friendly products, as said by their website they “employees to take time off to go do something good for the world”.

All that you need to know about CEO Succession

These days, boards have started to see that their role in making sure that the continuity of leadership stays strong, so as to keep the shareholders as happy as possible in this highly competitive and very complicated world. Everyone knows that no CEO keeps their position, but, it is up to the CEO to make sure that they do the best that they can, while in that position. Choosing the next leader is a very important job, and it is up to the corporate boards to make sure that they choose someone who is dependable, someone who will help to better the business and make everyone happy. When dealing with the process of recruiting a CEO, a company has to keep in mind that not everyone will be perfect for the job.


A well-organized succession will start with in-depth discussion over the business strategy, and who would most likely be the best fit for the job based on the previous efforts and work they have done. The guiding principles to go by for a CEO are, keep in mind that you should be open minded and objective when it comes to input for intelligence. Also, make sure that everyone feels like they had a good chance at becoming CEO. For more tips and insight, check out books on the topic of CEO Succession. The practices to go by: Make sure that your board is involved and take their job seriously; Make sure that everybody gains knowledge in all the fields of their profession, not just what they are currently working with; See to it that everyone knows the strategy and issues that go with the company; Take succession planning seriously, make it an on-going thing; Keep an eye on the drama in the work place, so that you are able to control it; Take the directors pay and make it into stock and speak to them about maybe making additional investment for the company; Lastly, build a culture that is geared toward succession.


These key practices will help to build a company greatly, and also help to make sure that everyone in the company is very happy and wealthy in the business industry.

Why Is The Wharton Executive Important?

The Wharton School is one of the finest business schools in the world, and their new program talks about the impact that Wharton has on its graduates. All schools are supposed to leave a mark on their students, and the Wharton impact is undeniable in the world of business today. The Wharton School offers so many programs that students will never lack for variety, and the programs offered by the school create an education that reaches the whole person.

What Does Wharton Do?

The Wharton School trains its students to think for themselves, but not student is forced to think the way professors do. The students at the Wharton School can go into any education track they want, and each student is going to walk away from the school with a completely different mindset. The Wharton School wants students to think outside the box, and the school offers a chance for students to consider what it would be like to change the world around them.

What Do The Professors Do?

Professors at the Wharton School use their positions to teach students about the basics of the business world. The business community respects students who have gone to the Wharton School, and the professors support their students in all their endeavors. There are people who are very new to the business world, and a connection to a Wharton professor will help people get the jobs that they need for their future security. There are professors on campus who work in the business world currently, and there are professors at the school who will help students find their way into academia. Notable faculty includes Jim Austin, Dennis Carey, and David Bell among others.

Wharton does not have a specific focus because they know that the focus of the school should be an education. Educating people is the only mission at the Wharton School, and every student has a home on campus that they could not possibly get anywhere else. The Ivy League is perceived as stuffy by people who do not go to Ivy League schools, but the University of Pennsylvania is the most familial of all the Ivy League schools.

Students who come to the Wharton School to change their lives are going to see a difference when they graduate. The Wharton School is going to help you get the best education possible, and the Wharton School allows professors to support their students in ways that other schools simply will not. The Wharton impact is a life changed.