Cleveland Clinic Brings Innovation and Quality Health Care to the UAE

The UAE and Cleveland Clinic have established a very workable relationship in providing an excellent health care system for local residents in the UAE. Since its opening in 2015 the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi (read more) has almost tripled its capacity and in 2016 alone, the facility handled over 337,000 patients. Also by year end 2016, over 249 physicians, all with European or United States certification, have treated patients in the facility in Abu Dhabi.

The facility is made up of 13 institutes that are designed to place patients at the head of the priority list so that the immediate healthcare needs of the region are addressed. There are over 30 surgical and medical specialties that are included and which are offered to patients.

As the result of a 2006 agreement between Cleveland Clinic, located in the United States and the Mubadala Investment Company the facility was established in 2015. This has come about because of the government of Aby Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030 which has as its goal the establishment of a workable and dynamic healthcare system in the Emirate.

The facility employs over 2,900 trained medical employees and has acquired 250 beds thus far, well on its way to the stated goal of 364 beds by the end of 2017. The goal, according to Waleed Al Mokarrab Al Muhairi, the objective of the effort is to make good on the commitment to the people in the UAE to deliver patient-centered and compassionate care of the utmost high quality.

Another big step that has taken place, thanks to the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is the fact that physicians will now be able to conduct organ transplants locally rather than patients having to go abroad for such procedures. In 2016 a law was passed by the President of the UAE which allowed such transplantation to take place, whereas before it was illegal.

When the law was passed and when it took effect, many residents gave a collective sigh of relief that such a service would now be available. The primary focal point at the beginning of the transplant move will be for kidney, liver, heart organs and bone marrow transplants. It is common sense and clinically proven that patients have better outcomes when such procedures are performed at home.

The Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi has gotten off to a resounding and robust beginning and it is obvious that the institution has been received on very good terms with the local medical community and the general public at large. The results speak for themselves and everyone is looking forward to more of the same.