Defense Contractors Leading in Energy Efficiency

Climate change poses a serious threat in our world today. Scientists argue that if the current trend continues, the world would experience a rise in sea levels, and climate disturbances will be worse in the future. Because of the risks that climate change poses against the planet, humanity have started using green energy, in order to reduce the emission rates. The United States military is one of the largest consumers of energy in the United States, and they too, have an impact on the speeding process of climate change. Because of the impact that they are leaving, the officials at the United States Military have decided to shift to renewable energy in order to give their part in saving the planet.

From using oil based energy, the United States Military is slowly shifting into using renewable energy in order to move their assets forward. They have started to use solar panels and installed it on some of their bases. Solar panels generate renewable energy by taking in the heat of the sun, and processing it in a special panel in order to generate electricity. These panels have a lot of benefit, especially if the station is located in the middle of nowhere where electricity is scarce. By the use of the sun’s power, a moderate amount of energy can be produced, and the energy created does not leave any trail of emission. The United States Military is also using wind turbines to gain electricity. Wind turbines generate energy from the force and power of the wind. The energy created will depend on how strong the wind is. Another form of renewable energy would be hydro power, which generates energy via the force that water bodies are creating; and then there’s the geothermal power which comes from the steam underneath the Earth’s surface. The United States Military has also been investing in electrical vehicles and weapons, in order to lessen the emission levels. The United States Military is serious in their campaign to go green, and they are assuring the public that they are also concerned about climate change, and will do their part to prevent it from totally destroying the planet.

The United States Military has been in partnership with several firms which promotes the use of renewable energy. One of them is ADS, or Atlantic Diving Supply. They have been partnering with the United States Military for almost 20 years, supplying some environment friendly equipment to advance their capability and combat climate change.