What is Health and How Can We Keep It?

Health was defined as the well-being of an organism, where every organ functions normally and constantly, without being disabled. This is not a complete definition, as to be healthy, you need to consider your social, mental and last, but not least, your physical well-being.

healthy-life1To be healthy, you need to consider a bunch of factors that interconnect to offer you the state of well-being. It’s not enough to be physically healthy, as you mind needs to be healthy too. Therefore, to achieve that state, start with working on your mind to keep it healthy, and you’ll see the changes that come with it.

It’s a whole process that can bring you only benefits. Meditation can help, but so can positive thinking. Physical exercise will help you keel a healthy physic, and interaction with others will keep you socially healthy.

You’ll see the changes if you start your own process with us, at Pathway SDG!