The Great Employees of AbilityOne

The Great Employees of AbilityOne

The AbilityOne initiative formerly known as JWOD offers employment opportunities for individuals who are blind and affected by other disabilities. The program delivers market priced services and products to professional contract management and government that helps to eliminate inconveniences and to saves time. The program helps the government to meet its procurement requirements particularly in:

    Custodial services
    Administrative services
    Food services
    Facility management services
    And much more

AbilityOne controls a national network of close to six hundred nonprofit organizations that employ directly and indirectly more than 40,000 people with disabilities. These organizations supervise and train AbilityOne employees to ensure quality services while eliminating administrative and managerial burdens. AbilityOne can assist federal agencies to fulfill their responsibilities-from green initiative to priority source requirements- while at the same time providing many real jobs to people and increased independence.
AbilityOne believes that disability is not inability. The disabled people are viewed differently in the society, and they tend to miss out on many opportunities that are available to other people. They also suffer from discrimination from the societies which leaves them isolated. AbilityOne has is an organization that fights for the people with disability and most importantly empowering them through training so that they can have skills that can help serve in different capacities.

The great employees of AbilityOne have also demonstrated to the society that inability is not an inability. AbilityOne employees have been ranked as the most trustworthy members of staff working in different areas especially in government departments. They have great enthusiasm for work and deliver despite their disabilities. Many of the employees have received awards by working tirelessly in their areas of expertise.

Source America is another association that works closely with AbilityOne. The organization was created in 1974 to implement and support the federal AbilityOne program. Therefore Source America identifies programs and job opportunities that can be undertaken by AbilityOne employees in different departments of the federal government. AbilityOne success can be attributed to Source America as they guide other organizations interested in procuring from AbilityOne. Source America also deals with any issues that arise from AbilityOne procurement process and ensure that all disputes are settled. Today, AbilityOne has given a second chance to many disabled people who did not have any empowerment in the society.